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Mobile allied health services

We're a mobile allied health service, providing Exercise Physiology and Occupational Therapy in the South Eastern suburbs. 

Our aim is to help you to reach the most OPTIMAL version of you!


NDIS and private clients

Mobile Health Services


Mobile health services allows us to be available at the convenience of your home. It allows therapist to bring their knowledge and expertise to where you feel most comfortable. Every individual has their own unique story and journey we make health services easy by bringing our service to you as we believe building a foundation begins where you feel comfortable.

What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise Physiology services will aim to help participants with exercise recommendations according to their health condition, and give specific health coaching as well as tailored exercise programs for optimal outcome.  

Exercise Physiology services can assist with :

goal orientation

motivational interviewing

weight management programs

healthy lifestyle education

management of co-morbidities

chronic disease management

Improve mental health & well being

community participation


Exercise Physiology guides participants in building better bodies according to their current lifestyle. They provide valuable strategies that are sustainable for everyday living and guide in improving overall well being.


Under the NDIS consumers can have Exercise Physiology services included under the 'improved health & well being category' of the NDIS price guide

Exercise Physiology treats a variety of NDIS conditions including:

intellectual disability

Mental health

cardiovascular conditions 

injury management

neurological conditions

Exercise Physiology services works closely with families and support workers of the NDIS to provide client centered care for optimal outcome that leads to improve quality of life.

OptimalYou Mobile health services accepts all NDIS participants who are planned or self managed.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy aims to help participants by maximising their capacity to perform every day activities as independently as possible. By understanding the person, diagnosis, capacity and environment an OT can support your engagement and performance in daily activities that you need and want to do.   

OptimalYou Occupational Therapy can deliver the following:

Daily life skills support  

 Establishing and integrating an effective daily routine

Transport education training 

 Sleep hygiene education and techniques to promote healthy sleep habits

Encourage community access and participation

- Understanding sensory preferences and utilising sensory modulation strategies 

 Improve social communication and engagement

Telehealth Services Available

What is telehealth?

Telehealth allows health practitioners to provide their services either via phone or video call. Services that can be provided via tele-health include:

  • Initial consults

  • Assessments 

  • Exercise Programs

  • Advice and allied health intervention

What do I need, to have a telehealth consult?

If you would like to have an appointment via telehealth, a working laptop (with Webcam), mobile phone and reliable internet is all you need!

We currently use Webex for our consultations. A free account can be made on Webex website and downloaded from:

Why Telehealth?

  • Increased flexibility with appointments

  • Maintain social-distancing for vulnerable clients

  • Receive support in the comfort of your own environment 

  • Provides opportunity to meet and build rapport with your clinician prior to meeting face to face

  • Continuity of care, when face to face is unavailable